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TL Dosimetry
Quality Control


Welcome to the FIMEL company’s website


Company Profile
Our Activities:


Since 1980, the FIMEL company develops and manufactures dosimetry equipments using high quality thermoluminescence, the only modern readers capable of reading all types of dosimeters (POWDER, CHIPS, RODS, μRODS,  FILMS)

As the leader in the French market, we are able to offer you complete systems to control ionising radiation by  thermoluminescence.

FIMEL company currently provides equipment for the largest French and Foreign centres


Quality control:


Developed in collaboration with large radiotherapy centres, we propose an imagery system for controlling beams in real time.


Usable with all types of accelerators, this system will help you save precious time during periodic checks of your accelerators.


The analysis software that comes with it will enable you to compare and rapidly verify all your results.

  •  Lynx 2D, Imagery in real time for periodic and immediate control of all accelerator beams.




Our Company philosophy:


Since the beginning, FIMEL has developed its own products and constantly makes full use of them for precision and quality.


In the future as well as in the past, FIMEL's obligation is the user complete satisfaction and the quality and reliability of our products.



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