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  • LTM is a manual reader, developed for reading thermoluminescent products in pulverulent form (powder) or solid form.

  • The dosimeter is placed on an interchangeable heating planchet for handling all types of products.








Heating planchet

A wide range of heating planchets enables readings of all types of thermoluminescent products.


  • Standard planchet :

    • This planchet is the most widely used and enables readings of powder and solid or film dosimeters with size  less than or equal to 5mm 


  • 20 mm planchet :

    • This planchet enables readings from large solid or film dosimeters


  • Flat planchet :

    • This planchet enables readings from film dosimeters less than 12mm.


  • Flat planchet:

    • This planchet enables readings from film dosimeters less than 20mm.


  • Flat planchet with indentation:

    • This planchet enables readings from dosimeters in the form of cylindrical Micro Rods



Local irradiator


[Image du produit]


  • The irradiator is used locally on readers to irradiate thermoluminescent products

  • Delivered without a source this will have an activity of 2mCi

    • (Strontium yttrium type X117 from the AMERSHAM company)



  • Local irradiation of TL Products

  • Easy to use for rapid tests



Filters and attenuators



  • Chromatic and attenuation filters


  • Chromatic filters with different spectral responses for optimum reading quality

  • Neutral attenuators for measuring high doses






  • Vacuum powder collector



  • Powder automatically collected using suction in an interchangeable glass container

  • No loss of product

  • No pollution or contamination of the powder


  • Replacement container

  • External control pedal



Powder handling kit


  • Set of utensils for dosage and handling TL products



  • Manual dispenser

  • Set of sieves

  • Various accessories



Reducing valve


  • Reducing valve for nitrogen gas 0-10 bars